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The Asian Crime Century is written by Martin Purbrick, who has insight into Asia from 32 years living and working in the region.

Martin is a consultant, analyst and writer who has worked in senior leadership roles in risk management and integrity for over 35 years. He spent 32 years based in Asia, living in Hong Kong and Singapore whilst traveling widely.

During his time in corporate management positions with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, McKinsey, and Intel, Martin worked as a manager of a broad range of risk and integrity matters. During his 11 years in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force, Martin spent much of his service working in political intelligence (in Special Branch) and organised crime intelligence (in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau).

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The Asian Crime Century charts the expansion of organised crime from Asia as the economy of the region expands, and explains how crime from Asia has an impact on the rest of the world.


Martin Purbrick

Martin Purbrick is a consultant, analyst and writer. He is an expert on corruption and organised crime in Asia, in particular Chinese criminal gangs and Triad societies.